Acid Erosion

Have any of you experienced sensitive teeth after eating something sour? This is due to acid erosion. Acid erosion happens when one drinks carbonated beverages, energy drinks, citrus fruits, and sugar. Caffeine and alcohol can also cause decrease in saliva. This will cause the mouth to be more acidic also.

Teeth are composed of 2 layers: outer enamel layer and an inner dentin layer. The dentin layer is softer and more sensitive. Acid demineralizes the protective outer enamel layer. This is the process of erosion. Erosion can also lead to cavities. Acid can be neutralized by consuming more basic items. Such as apple, banana, milk, cheese, and water. This can increase the low acidic pH to a higher basic pH.

After consumption of acidic food, teeth should not be brushed immediately after. The enamel is at its most vulnerable state after acid intake and brushing it will cause it to come off. It is best to drink water and allow the enamel to re-mineralize first then brush your teeth. Fluoride rinse can also help with the re-mineralization process. Prescription MI paste can also help by adding calcium and phosphate back into the enamel. MI may be purchases from your dentist. Ask you dentist about the MI paste.

Hope this information helps!

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